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Green card winners

In the green card lottery, there are 50, 000 winners every year. Now, that may not sound like alloy, considering that so many people enroll every year. However, that is indeed a lot of people who gain the privileges every year to win an American Green card and live and work in the Unites States. That is fifty thousand lives that are changed every year.

Green card photo

On every green card a photo pf the applicant must appear, and this has caused much consternation among the Muslim people who want to live and work in the Unites States. According to their religion, their women must have their faces covered at all times. However, according to the regulations of the immigration laws, all applicants must supply a photo where their faces can be seen.

Green card requirements

When you enroll in the green card lottery, there are a few requirements that you must meet in order to gain eligibility. These are not impossible, nor do they require anything special of you. They are simple and easy to follow, and if you go through the processes correctly, then you will be able to go on and become, in time, a full fledged American citizen.

Alien green card

The Green Card lottery is perhaps the best and easiest way for you to become resident of the United States and live and work in the mist powerful nation on earth. In the long run you may be an American citizen, and then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits and protection that a full fledged citizen sometimes takes for granted. However, until that time you will be a Legal alien, and will be entitled to all the things that the American Green Card gives you.

Green card rules

The rules for obtaining a green card are perhaps the most important part of the process, since a mistake in any of these may cause your disqualification from entering the lottery. However, a careful look at these rules shows them to be easy and simple to follow, and if you do, you stand a chance to live as a citizen in the Land of Opportunity.


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