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Green card benefits

Applying for the green card is simple and inobtrusive, but the benefits are tremendous. Winning in the green card lottery means that you and your family can live, work and have fun in United States of America. A green card opens you an opportunity that many people only live to dream of.

A green card means you will obtain a permanent residence permission, which allows you to freely live, work and move in any of 50 states. As a citizen, you will be entitled to equal and lawful employment by any employer on non-discriminating grounds. Permanent residence permit is a way to full citizenship and is no different from it except for the right to vote - the most sacred right of any american citizen that you as a holder of green card will be entitled to within 5 years since your immigration.

A green card also entitles you to all social benefits of being an american citizen, such as state sponsorship in education, research, taxation, social security and insurance, retirement and health benefits. You can legally own property, cars, firearms and other items that any other average american does.

A holder of a green card will be able to travel as an US permanent resident abroad. Modern green cards are valid for life time, whether you choose to apply for American citizenship or not.

Since 2004, green card applications are only available through an Internet website of the US State of Department and are not accepted by mail anymore. This is a definite improvement in the green card application processing. There were other changes in regulations that are more favourable for the green card applicant.

Green cards provide an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to immigrate into United States and in time become a full flegded american citizen. The application is free if you try on your own (and very inexpensive if you do that via an agent) an doesn't require a lot of time and attention on your part. The chances of winning the lottery are great and the only sure way to missing the opportunity is not taking it. If you are seeking US citizenship or even thinking about considering it in the future, we recommend that you try your luck with the green card right now.

It is important to know that the internal regulations of Diversity Immigrant Visa Program disqualify participating countries if they sent more than 50,000 emigrants total over five last years. It means that the green card might not be available to you next year! In DV2005, for example, Russia was dropped from the list of eligible countries.

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