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Green Card Winners

In the green card lottery, there are 50, 000 winners every year. Now, that may not sound like alloy, considering that so many people enroll every year. However, that is indeed a lot of people who gain the privileges every year to win an American Green card and live and work in the Unites States. That is fifty thousand lives that are changed every year.

When you enroll in the lottery the first that you do is fill out the application form, and then send it to the American Government. Now, this is perhaps the most important part of the entire process. When you fill out the form, it is vitally important to fill it in correctly. Since any mistake will mean your automatic disqualification from the lottery. If you need any help then by all means ask some one who is qualified.

The next stage is waiting. If your are the winner of an American green card, then you will be notified in the mail. However, if you are not, then no notification at all will be given, but you will be able to guess. This may seem unpleasant, but if you realize the scope of the American green card lottery, then you will be able to see why notifications are given only to the winners.

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