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Why live in America with a green card?

The greenest card of them all, the green card gives you a key to the doorway into your own dreams. There's a reason why America is called the land of the free and the home of the brave, and the green card is your way into their home.

The truth is, people crave for American freedom. Everyone everywhere is badmouthing United States and their foreign policy all the time, whining about how americans impose their way of living on the rest of civilized world; but if anything, those who do mostly do it out of jealousy, and then probably run for the green card themselves. We can't possibly seek to blame them, as the human nature is inherently flawed and seeks for better life; and inevitably, most of those who want better life, while complaining about United States and Americans, and even hating the American green card policy, in the end watch American movies, live an American lifestyle and end up in America, being American and carrying the American beliefs.

Of course, living in America, by green card or not, has its disadvantages, but America is one of those countries where people actually do have power and can correct anything that bothers them, if they are actually up to it. This is why United States is called the land of opportunity; the American freedom presents you an opportunity (hell, even the green card by itself is an opportunity to the total strangers), and it is entirely up to you how you choose to use it.

Indeed, the green card is a wholesome opportunity and, if you are looking for a way to become an American, you should not miss it.

Living in America is both hard work and great pleasure. A relatively young country, it is the most thriving, most developing and richest nation on the face of Earth. If you are smart and willing, nothing can stop you in United States.

American life is very dynamic and challenged. Unlike similar tabloid classifieds, this one will be a real fun. Hard, indeed, but what did you expect when you immigrate to another country?

America is comprised of people of varying origins from many ethnicities. Many languages are spoken in United States by people of different cultures, skin colours and religions, so you will not be the first and not the last person to immigrate to United States and become an American citizen, whether by way of green card or not. America wants you to come over and that's why the green card immigration program exists in first place.

Despite criticizm and sometimes outright rage by haters of America, it is still the flagship of free life in our world, and focus of everyone's attention. Successful American businesses supply their products to every country in the world. America fights its enemies and loves its friends.

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