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Green Card Rules

The rules for obtaining a green card are perhaps the most important part of the process, since a mistake in any of these may cause your disqualification from entering the lottery. However, a careful look at these rules shows them to be easy and simple to follow, and if you do, you stand a chance to live as a citizen in the Land of Opportunity.

The first of these green card rules is that you must be a native of one of the eligible countries. The Green Card lottery is pat of a diversity program which aims to ensure a diverse community, hence, unfortunately, there are some countries who's people emigrate all too often to the United States and so their participation is restricted.

Another of the rules in order to obtain an American Green Card is that you have o fulfill the high school requirements or their equivalents. There are many lists that you can use in order to check if you meet this standard. Most probably you do. As has been said, the green card rules are simple and easy to follow, and you need not have a high degree of education in order to qualify. The ultimate goal of the government is to ensure the plurality of the American people by issuing green cards to a wide number of people from many different backgrounds.

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