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How to apply for green card

The green card applications are submitted to US Department of State website free of charge (winners will be charged a nominal processing fee). Green card applications are only available through online website form since DV2005 as opposed to previous years where the applicants were able to mail the Department of State. The green card application form is simple and can be filled out quickly; however, any deviation from strict regulations or multiple submission attempts will disqualify all submitted applications. Essentially, you only get one shot per year and you better get it right; more than 40 percent of applications are disqualified early because of submission mistakes.

The Department of State maintains its application website that opens within the first day of the application period (usually first or second week of November) and receives online green card applications for the period of time defined by law (normally a month or two)

No green card application submissions can be made before or after that date. Submissions on paper are not accepted. The green card application form must be filled completely, truthfully and accurately. Failure to adhere to the green card application form guidelines will disqualify the participant for the year.

The application form requires you to submit the following details: Full name, including last/family name, first and middle name, date of birth, gender, city of birth, country of birth, valid and up to date mailing address, optional e-mail address and phone number, marital status, list of unmarried children under 21. A recent photograph is also required. You will upload the photograph when you submit the form. See below for technical requirements for the photograph file.

If you are not native to an eligible country, you might fill a "Country of Eligibility" instead. This field allows you to claim nativity and thus country of eligibility of your spouse or parent. You must provide a conscise indication of such claim on the form.

If relevant, spouse and children information must be submitted with the same sort of details as the applicant's: full name, date and place of birth, gender, and photograph. See below for details on submitting information on your children.

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