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Green card - what is it?

Green card is your ticket to obtaining a permanent US residence. It is one of the easiest way to immmirgate into the United States of America. An applicant is only required to be a native born in an eligible country and have high school education or equivalent experience. The green card applications are collected and processed by the State Department of United States of America, and the qualifying ones are shuffled by a computer and drawn randomly until a quota is reached. A successfully drawn green card application is considered winning and entitles the applicant to live and work in United States as an equal citizen. Every year US government hands out 50,000 of green cards.

Green Cards are employed by United States as an implementation of Diversity Visa Lottery programme with the purpose of making immigration to United States available to diverse cultural and ethnical groups in a balanced fashion. United States is a country of diverse nature, and green card helps to maintain divversity, which lays in the root of american way of life and economics.

While there are millions of green card applications submitted every year, most of them are disqualified for various technical reasons before they reach the lottery, even though the instructions for applying are simple. To avoid that, and save your time, we recommend using an immigration assistance agency. For a very modest fee, immigration assistance agencies will make sure that you filed all the details correctly, and then properly process, submit and track your applications.

Green cards are regulated under Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which is mandated by the Congress of Unites States every year under Immigration and Nationality Act Section 203(c), ammended by Section 131 of the Immigration Act 1990. This amendment establishes a new class of immigration called "diversity immigrants" and provides for an annual quota for diversity immigration.

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