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Green Card Photo

On every green card a photo pf the applicant must appear, and this has caused much consternation among the Muslim people who want to live and work in the Unites States. According to their religion, their women must have their faces covered at all times. However, according to the regulations of the immigration laws, all applicants must supply a photo where their faces can be seen.

The importance of the photo showing clearly the face of the applicant is obvious to all, since there are many unfriendly nations sending terrorists and spies into the Unites States to spy and perform acts of terrorism on the Unites States. As to letting them into the Unites States in the first place, it is the job of the authorities to check them out and approve their applications. However, it is important to remember that a green card application that does not have valid, up to date photo will not be approved!

There remains to see the developments about whether the federal government will allow such people to enter the United States while on their green card applications will appear a faceless photo. Of course, this dispute is made even worse by the fact that they have the right to the same freedoms that every American have and that includes freedom of religion.

Editor - Janet Grant - 21.06.05

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