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The Green Card Spouse Law

When you apply for an American Green Card, then there are certain law that apply to your spouse when filing the request. Although we will give you a few pointer here, it is best that you get informed, professional advice from an immigration lawyer.

The law gives special consideration to residents of the United States who wish to bring their spouse to live with them in the country. If your spouse is a resident of the United States at the time of the petition and is residing there, and is maintaining a temporary visa status, then he or she can file for a change in status. Your spouse will be notified by the Department of State when a visa number become available.

If you enroll for an American Green Card through the lottery, then too, does the law give special consideration for spouses. You and your spouse can fill in two separate applications and send them in. As The green card is applicable to you, your spuse and your family, you stand more of a chance in winning in the draw, if you fill in twp separate applications for you and your spouse.

Article made by: Kevin Turner (12/12/05)

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