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Obtaining a Green Card through Employment

There are several ways in which you can obtain a green card. Perhaps the easiest and quickest way is to enroll in the green card lottery, but there are people for whom that is not an option, of they signed up and lost. Another way is through employment, but that is the option that is less favored by most people, since it means that they must have some connection to the Unites States prior to coming here.

Obtaining a green card through employment works in this fashion: When you wish to have green cards the first thing you do is to find employment in the United States and then ask the company to sponsor you in the immigration forms and process. This means that they affirm that you are coming to the United States, and that you will be employed once you get there. This means that once you get your green card, and later you naturalization papers and citizenship, you will not be a burden on the welfare system of the United States. This is the better route for people to take if they have a valuable profession that America can value and profit from.

Editor - Babette DeVries. 09-06-05

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