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Green Card Interview Questions

In the course of you application for an American green card, then chance are that you will be asked to pass an interview. This interview is a non-threatening way for the immigration officials to get to know you and see if you request is viable, or if you present a threat to the safety and security to the Unites States. The interviewer will probably ask you a few questions about you work, your life, interests and other doings.

However, these questions also serve another purpose. Even if you come from a country that has eligibility to gain a green card, then you will still have to prove a few things about yourself. Firstly, the Federal government will not give out a green card to anyone who cannot support themselves and will have to rely on welfare, unless they are refugees.

In addition, if you are, or have been a member of a know terrorism organizations, if you are a threat to the security of the country, then you will not be admitted to the country. However, if you can support yourself and are not a terrorist, then there is nothing to fear from the green card interview questions. It is only another means that the government has in order to get to know its citizens.

By Jamie O'Connor. July 21st, 2005.

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