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Bush Wants to Change US Green Card Approval Policy

President Bush is trying to pass a new diversity immigration law that will grant temporary USA green card approvals for guest workers from abroad.

A new policy President Bush wants to pass, from the beginning of April, will stop illegal immigration on the one hand, and grant temporary working USA green card for legal immigrants.

After 5 years of almost no action in the US Diversity Immigration policies, President Bush has finally started activity in this direction.

Before the 9/11 attacks, Diversity Immigration and the Diversity lottery had an important role for Bush's agenda.

This important role of the diversity immigration policy was because of :

  • Bush's experience as Governor of Texas. In this role Bush had to deal with various immigration topics such as green card application and the green card process.
  • The importance of Diversity Immigration to Bush's relationship with Mexican President Vicente Fox.
  • The Importance green card requirements for immigration had for influencing Hispanic voters contemplating support for Bush's republican party.

Some sides from inside Bush's own party are objecting to the temporary green card program, claiming the policy is not strict enough and calling for a complete closing of US borders from Diversity Immigration.

This issue will be discussed in the US senate next week, and before that Bush is scheduled to meet with the president of Mexico.

In a meeting with groups supporting green card lottery and application approval, President Bush called for calming down the debate, stating that the debate must ensure neither group are offended and that it should not " …pit one group of people against another".

Bush is trying to satisfy both groups of pro green card immigration approval and groups against it. This is achieved with a plan to toughen border enforcement coupled with a temporary guest-worker program that would allow some of the illegal immigrants in the United States to register for legal status and remain here for as long as six years. Green Card Lottery is not destined to change because of Bush's new policy, even though some sides fear it might be the case.

Critics say that Mr. Bush's guest Green-card program is too mild and doesn't make real changes, and that someone trying to get a green card application will eventually get deported at the end of the process. At the same time, Bush's words angered many conservative Republicans, who said the plan would ruin the economic state of the US, among other things.

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