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The American Dream

I was born in Northern Ireland, that great lush green nation that is so often the center, of so much tension. When I was sixteen my father decided that in order to keep me away from trouble, he would carry me away far, far away to the New World. He decided to get his green card.

At first there was the normal trepidation and fear. After all, all my friends were in Dublin, and our life was there. I had a love that I feared I would never see again. But my father was firm. When the news came that we had indeed won the lottery and had obtained our green cards, it was as though a great weight had fallen on me. I felt as though my life was being torn to shreds and all my hopes along with it.

However, as these things go, the first fears were overcome by the excitement of the arrival at our new home, in New York. all those tall buildings, lights and people thrilled me. And the best thing about it was that we already had our greencards, so my father was able to get a good job as a worker in a textile mill. We lived comfortable, yet again and again my thoughts turned to my love in Ireland. We had been together for almost two years and we had promised eachother that we would never forget eachother.

However, as long as I was under the care of my father I had no choice but to obey his wishes, for he did not approve of our relationship. But then came the great turn of events. As soon as was eighteen I rented a little flat in Soho and I arranged for my love to come and lived with me. He, too entered the American Green Card Lottery, and as soon as it was over and done with, he came to live with me. Together he and I lived out the American Dream.

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