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American green cards and the Titanic

The year was 1912, and the whole world held its breath as the greatest ship in the world, the R.M.S Titanic was making its way to the New world, filled with hopeful immigrants all carrying with them the hopes for a bright future in the Land of Unlimited Possibilities. At the time, of course, they did not need and green cards. These were given them at Ellis island, where all the immigrants were sent to before the could enter the United states of America.

Truly the Titanic was the ultimate ship, the paragon of naval craftsmanship. With it extraordinary length, astounding hight and amazing rooms, it was truly the ship that would be remembered. However, when it sank, the world was rocked by the tragedy that promised that nothing would ever be the same again. All the immigrants lost their lives and those that survived lost all their documentation. However, these immigrants did not go through the process at Ellis Island, and so did not need green cards.

As the titanic went down, so did many illusions that the west had about the pride in technology and the power it had. In addition, there arose the need for more and more immigrants to obtain green cards, as crossing the Atlantic became safer, and more immigrants survived the voyage.

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