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Land of Opportunities

Those coming to The United states with their Green Cards have all the reasons in the world to be happy, excited and look forward to a bright new future in the land of unlimited opportunities. They seemingly have their whole future to look forward to.

However, these immigrants face great trial and tribulations in their new country. Even with their green card, many find it difficult to get used to their new language and habits. They find that meeting new people, making friends and finding a job is sometimes difficult. This is increased by the fact that many do not know the English language and have to learn it all by themselves.

However in the Land of opportunities they overcome these obstacles and soon, with the aid of their green card they prosper, and find jobs, friend, communities and a good solid base. There are many communities in the United States that were built this way. Chinatown, little Italy, all were based upon this way of thinking.

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