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The number of illegal aliens working for the US has grown to 12 million, according to a recent study published by the Hispanic Pew center based on March 2005 current population survey.

Unlike legal methods of obtaining work passes, the illegal aliens that are presented in the survey convey a vastly growing concern for the US government, making it harder for them to supervise the working conditions and quantities throughout the US.

The study has found a few troubling facts:

  • 1. Stricter laws, directed towards preventing illegal immigration, has made leaving the country harder for illegal worker that are situated in the US.
  • 2. Since 2000, more than 800 thousand illegal aliens have immigrated into the US
  • 3. The immigrants are contrived of several nationalities: 56 % of them are Mexicans, 22% from Latin America, 13 % from Asia and the rest from Europe and Canada.
  • Supporters of immigrant's rights are trying to prevent from further anti-immigration laws to be passed. One of their claims is that if the workers will not be permitted to work in the US, the country economy would suffer loses and even collapse. These supporters are arguing for further temporary visas to be given so as to legalize a present problem. The backers of the continuation of the fight against illegal work say that immigrations raise unemployment in the US, and that there are other means of obtaining a valid green card without breaking the law.

    Trying to stop a law that was suggested in congress, thousands of people protested yesterday (Tuesday) near Capitol Hill, Washington. The bill, if approved, will enable persecution of social workers and other professionals for aiding illegal aliens.

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