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How to submit photos on green card applications

Photos are essential for green card applications, but unfortunately most people never listen to the instructions and get this part wrong. Please study this document carefully because photo submission mistakes are the reason most people get disqualified before the green card lottery.

  • Every named member of the application must be filmed at their own separate photo. No group or family photos are accepted
  • A digital photograph must be of 320 pixels width and 240 pixels height, with color depth of 8 bit (grayscale or color) or 24 bit color. Monochrome photos are not accepted and will disqualify your green cardapplication.
  • A scanned photograph must be scanned from 50mm x 50mm media, with 150 dots per inch resolution (available with any consumer grade PC picture scanner). Same color depth requirements as above apply.
  • The maximum allowed size for one uploaded image is 62500 bytes (60 kilobytes).
  • The picture must clearly depict one's face; you should look straight into the camera, and your face should cover about half of the photo square. Do not tilt your head, make grimaces, direct your sight into the camera. The picture must be well lit and sharply focused.
  • There must be on obstructions or obstruction items on the picture. Sunglasses, nose covers, camouflage paint and any other accessory can not be accepted and will discqualify your application. Photos with head coverings or hats would only qualify if the item in question is a part of normal religious tradition and does not obscure your face in any way. Do not submit pictures of professional occupation with hats, headgear or other items such as flight attendants, military, hotel employees and the like. They can not be accepted.
  • The photo must be taken in a studio, in front of a light and neutral background. Photos with dark background or background patterns can not be accepted and will disqualify your application.
  • The photo must be recent and unmangled.

Remember, there is no appeal process or updates to your green card application once you have submitted it. If you are worried about this part, you might want to consider hiring a professional green card proxy firm.

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