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How to Get a Green Card

Once you make a decision to emigrate to the united States, you may ask yourself what the process is to do such a thing. After, you may have heard that the road that awaits you before you reach the shores of the Land of Opportunities is ling and fraught with uncertainty. Actually, it could not be simpler. How to get a green card is as easy as filling out a form. All you have to do is go online at one of the American Green card portals and fill out the forms that they offer you. While this may be an easy thing to do, there are a few rules that you have to follow in order to ensure that you application will be accepted.

There are many people who do not enter the green card lottery, since they feel that the chances are against them. However, these are people who do not know how to get a green card, so they do not try in the first place. While there are usually very many people who enter the green card lottery, there will usually be fifty thousand people who have the right to live and work in the United States and one day become American citizens. So it is worth you while to find out how to get a green card.

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