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American Greencard History

Many years ago our forefathers braved the perils of the deep and set sail against all their good judgement to proclaim a New Jerusalem, one that would not suffer injustice to exist. And they came to the shores of this land, The United States of America. In those days, the did not need a green card; access was granted to all and sundry.

Today, the situation is somewhat different. A greencard is needed to live and work in this land of unlimited opportunites. However, contrary to poular beleif, obtaining one has never been easier. The American Government grants fifty thousand green cards by draw every year. You, too, can be one of the lucky few who gain the priviledge to fullfill your dreams of living anywhere in the United States and one day obtaining the veritable "Holy Grail", a full citizenship.

The Diversity-Visa-Program is a program sponsered by the government to ensure the diversity of the american population. The actual raffle is done electronically and is completely random, hence the fairness of the whole procedure is kept. Now, it may seem that the chances of winning are slim, but they actuall quite high. Stistics show that one out of every twenty applicants actually do gain a green card, and married couples actually double their chances by filling out two separate forms.

Check out our eligibility test to find out if you are eligible and then go on to read the guidelines concerning registration for the green card raffle. Think of it. All your dreams are only a click away.

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