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Green card proxy firms

The easiest and safest way to obtain a green card

The easiest and most recommended way to obtain a green card is through a green card immigration agency. Green card immigration agencies are really wonderful for you because they work with green card immigration professionally. The green card immigration agency will, for a small fee, act as a merry proxy between you and the kind hearted american Department of Homeland Security.

The green card agency professionals will help you to secure your place in the green card lottery. Your application submission directly to the Department of State website is prone to filing errors, which will disqualify you and you will have to wait for another year to resubmit (consider that your country might not even be eligible for green card nomination next year). A filing agency will accurately check all your details, verify the validity of your form and resolve the conflicting questions that you might have. Moreover, they may offer you additional services that you can't get if you submit to the Department of State directly; for instance, many agencies today will offer a free ticket to United States for the winners, as well as forwarding service.

Forwarding service is very helpful because in this case the communication between the agency and Department of State goes through professional hands and verified channels. You might move around, change locations and still be in touch with your agency who will take care of any changes and will take all effort to locate and notify you, while your notice of acceptance is safely delivered to it and you stand no chance to lose it.

Forwarding agencies remove the burden of worry off your shoulder and offer you comfort, as well as great benefit and additional services for very little money. They will, for instance, automatically resubmit the application on your behalf should you not win in the present lottery. While one should choose their peer agency carefully, the agency services are valuable and definitely worth it.

Remember however that the government of United States does not charge for green card applications. A proxy firm that demands ridiculous fees saying that they have to pay special green card fees to or claiming that they have special arrangements with the Department of State is probably crooked and you shouldn't put your money - and especially not your immigration prospects - at risk.

Under no circumstances subscribe to services of different green card proxy firms during the same year. Multiple green card applications on one person's behalf will disqualify that person from participation!

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