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Green Card Marriage

A growing phenomenon in the United states is that many people marry American citizens in order to obtain their green cards. This green card marriage is not the right thing to do or the right way to go about obtaining your American Green Card.

The green card marriage phenomenon is perhaps as old as the Americana green card itself. This is because for as long as the United states has been issuing green cards, and thus for ever people have been seeking ways for and easy green card. However, during the past few years, ever since the government tightened the standards for getting the Green card, there have been more green card marriages than ever. The green card marriage is a strange arrangement where the couple agrees that they will in fact commit fraud against the government. For that is what the green card marriage is. It is indeed frauds against the government and bears with it a grave penalty.

The best way to obtain your green card is through the green card lottery that is held in the United states and is also the safest and most assured way to get a good an legal green card.

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