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Green Card for Nurses

The American government recognizes the need for young, intelligent, talented people who will contribute to the country and see to it that it will be the first nation in line, in a new era. In order to do this, it gives away free American Green cards to the the thousands of professionals who have decided that they wish to make America their home. Among those lucky few that do get a green card are thousands of nurses, who provide the important support that we Americans need.

Nurses receive special treatment when it comes to American Green Cards, since they are indeed much needed for the proper medical care of the population, and in any Western country there is always a lack of good nurses. For this reason the American Government favors giving Green Cards to nurses that can help people and aid them in their daily chores or in hospitals. While this is somewhat favorable to the nurses but less so top the other people who do not have a desirable occupation, this is needed for the safety and welfare of the American people. Fro this reason, the American people would appreciate a large number of nurses obtaining green cards and living in the United States.

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