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Green Card Backlog a Threat to National Security

The massive upsurge in green card applications has created a massive backlog, In turn this backlog has created a problem as the applicants have been granted a work permit even though they shouldn’t be.

One possible solution would be to get through the number of green card applications quicker. To try and process them more speedily so they can be either accepted or rejected. This isn’t possible though.

An alternate possibility to this green card problem may be forthcoming after a successful program in Dallas. The workers in Dallas have devised a quicker, more effective and more efficient process whereby to assess Green Card applications. In turn the amount of time needed is reduced and the Green Card backlog has been disappearing.

This has proved a godsend for homeland security who were worried about unregistered aliens getting the approval and permission to live and work in the USA based on waiting to hear back about their Green Card application. As the law currently stands, anyone who doesn’t have their Green Card paperwork processed within 90 days must be handed a work permit. The average time to process a Green Card application in eight to nine months. And with one in five green card applications rejected, that means there are lot of people working in the USA who shouldn’t be. Hence the security risk.

The work permit can be used to obtain a Social Security card and driver's licenses which in turn gives them even more of a chance to stay.

What has been happening is on the spot interviews which take place when the green card application is submitted. Right off the bat a massive amount are rejected. Either for incorrectly filled out applications or a lack of eligible criteria. Then and there a massive dent is made in to the Green Card backlog. If that wasn't enough of an incentive, more reason is brough to the Green Card Lottery which is currently exactly that - a lottery.

If the Dallas program were introduced nationally, many of the 46,000 who have work permits due to them waiting on their Green Card application wouldn’t have them.

John Palmer - Editorial Team

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