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When you decide that you want to immigrate to the United States, your first point of business must to make the whole process as simple and easy as it can possibly be. There are many different ways that you can do this, and the whole registration can be as simple of difficult as you wish. There are several options open for you, and perhaps the simplest is to register for the green card lottery. However, depending on your place of birth, education or any other factors, you may not be eligible. In that case your best bet is to place yourself in the care of an immigration lawyer, who will be happy to handle all the green card registration affairs for you.

If however, you have not the means to hire a lawyer that does not mean that you cannot emigrate, only that your journey will be a little longer. There are several ways in which the registration for a green card is possible, and there are many sites that offer you as wealth of information that will help you make the decisions that you need. When you read the information presented in these immigration sites, be sure to be careful. Find one that gives you the best and most accurate information, and the most reliable services for your green card registration.

Candy Roberts, Guest Writer, 20/10/2005

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