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Green Card Processing Times

At times, the bureaucracy of the different branches of government that deal. with immigration and related issues may seem like a long time, but there are reasons for the long green card processing times. When an immigrant decides that they wish to immigrate to the United states, there are a few steps that must be taken. First, a sad consequence of the time in which we live are the background checks that the government does on each and every immigrant. These are to ensure that the people signing up for the green card lottery are respectable people and do not belong to one of the many terrorist organizations that are plaguing the world in bloodshed.

Another reason for the long green card processing times is the fact that many, many people sign up every year for the green card lottery, and it is no wonder that your request may be delayed. However, you may rest assured that the authorities manfully do their part, and try to process the green card applications in the shortest time possible. If your application seems to be detained, call the American Embassy in your home country and ask them. They will be happy to answer all and any questions that you might have about the green card processing times. Written by Marc Juniper, Immigration Specialist, 9.11.05

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