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Elderly and Disabled May have Trouble Obtaining Green Card

While the United States Green Card lottery is open to all and sundry, there may be a few more obstacles to those that wish to emigrate. There are many things that stand in the way of the hopeful many who strive to come to live and work in the United States. Among the many that have difficulty in obtaining a green card are the elderly, the sick and the handicapped. While this may not seem fair at first, it is, however, important for the Federal Government to regulate those that come in to the United States.

There are several reasons for which the government can refuse to give some a green card. Firstly, they have to have something to give to the American people and to become a health member of society. People who are handicapped or have problems with their health do not fit this. The government may see that they will need help and will not take part in the country's affairs. While this is not always true, background checks help the government decode whether to give out a green card. All this is relevant to the American green card lottery as well, so it may be worth your time to check whether you are eligible for a green card. Written by Margaret Jameson, Immigration Editor, 12.10.05

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