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American Green Card

When I was six there was a time of great struggle in my country. A great civil war was on, and there were the rotting corpses of the dead everywhere. When my father saw that he could not continue any longer, he decided to obtain a green card for his family, so that we could have a fair chance at a good life elsewhere.

At first, it was not a simple task. The process for obtaining a green card is long and tedious and takes a lot of time. But the my father heard of the Green Card Lottery that was taking place at the time. When he heard that he was overjoyed since it meant that he had a chance of winning the right to be free.

He immediately applied and within a few short months he was the proud bearer of a brand new legal green card entitling my father and his whole family to emigrate to the United states of America and one day become citizens of the most powerful nation on Earth. This was the time I came to America and in time, earned my citizenship. And thus began the happiest time of my life. I dream sometimes of returning to my country and telling all those wonderful people about the wonders of the American Green Card Lottery.

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